Android App Video Review: Into the Dead

Apr 24, 2013


Into the Dead from PikPok is an endless first person runner game full of zombies, and ironically, in absolute defiance of all expectations and despite combining two of the most common tropes in mobile gaming, it’s actually a very unique and stylish game unlike any other. That’s probably due to the creativity of a developer like PikPok, though.


Essentially, you’re just dropped in the middle of a zombie apocalypse world, and immediately have to start running. As you run, you’ll notice one or two zombies in your path, and then one or two hundred. The idea is to keep pressing onward, slanting your run left or run via tilt or touch controls to dodge any zombies directly in your path. You don’t have to dodge them perfectly. Even if you hit one to some extent while dodging, you’ll glance off the side and stagger for a bit before regaining your composure. You’ll also bounce off trees and other such obstacles in the same fashion. It’s while you’re staggered that things can get tricky in a jiffy. Also, you’ll jump over fences and logs automatically.

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