Android App Video Review: Humans vs. Aliens

May 12, 2011
Video Review

The latest game to have its basic formula simplified and cloned is the massively popular tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies. What you are looking at is Humans Vs Aliens, and yes, even the title font is uh… paying homage to Plants vs. Zombies.

The game moves a lot slower than PvZ, and it’s much more on the difficult side. Just like PvZ, you get lots of new units very quickly, but the game still gets stale and boring. The battle takes place on a grid, with enemies pouring out of the right side, though it’s more like drizzling really, and always moving left.

You have emergency lasers as back up, and you need to collect energy to uh, “plant” your various soldiers. You gather energy through oil rigs… that you place in the middle of a street? What? Anyway, there never seems to be enough energy to build a proper defense in this game. It just isn’t very well balanced and it gets repetitive. It also crashes on me constantly, forcing me to repeat said repetitive levels.

There is an Unlimited Mode which is an endless wave survival mode, but it crashes every single time I play it before I can make any real progress, which is disappointing.

This game may just be a re-skin of the PC classic, but it’s not all that bad really. Though this game is a poor substitute for the original, it gets the basic job done, and it’s cheap. Give it a download if you want. Honestly though, Plants vs. Zombies is going to be on the Android in just a couple months, so I would just wait for that.

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Andrew Koziara

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