Android App Video Review: Guerrilla Bob

Mar 21, 2011
Video Review

Dual-stick shooters have been one of the larger genres to dominate the Android Market in games, although things seemed to be slowing down. Just when I thought I might see the last of them, Guerrilla Bob pops into the Android Market and yet again challenges me to take down as many bad guys as I can.

This time around, you will be fighting a wide variety of terrorist-looking enemies. Armed with a wide arsenal of dangerous weapons, it’s your job to clean up the filth.

The game comes with three different flavors to play. You can play through the arcade mode where points are all the matters, you can choose the mercenary mode to collect money from fallen enemies and buy larger weapons or upgrades, or you can choose the classic survival mode which tosses you against a never-ending barrage of enemies.

All modes are fun, although there is something to be said about the mercenary mode. While this mode isn’t too exciting when playing alone, the game’s option to play with a friend makes it a ton of fun.

Overall, the game brings a fun multiplayer and a decent single player campaign to play through. Check it out.

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