Android App Video Review: Grenadier

Jul 11, 2011

Grenadier is a grenade-throwing game from BitWhiz. It’s basically an android version of Fragger on the iOS devices, and a poor version at that. The game can be fun, but the controls often ruin it, and graphics could really use an overhaul.

The game has you throw grenades from a fixed position. You control the direction of the throw and the force behind it. You have to kill every enemy in a level with the limited number of grenades provided to you. There are some other obstacles introduced, like breakable boards blocking certain enemies or rockets that you can launch. The game can be quite difficult at times, but never for the right reasons. It’s almost always because of the poor controls. Aiming is difficult, and doesn’t seem to follow the arrow like it should. This is a constant issue in the game, and drags the entire experience down with it. Even after you get used to the controls, the levels just aren’t very fun. Something that really kills this game, for me at least, is that it isn’t just a clone using the same mechanics of another game. That’s a common occurrence, but those games often add a new element or two, and a different art style. This game rips of Fragger in multiple ways, from the arrow to some of the aesthetics, and even some exact duplicates of level designs, identical to Fragger. That just bothered me.

Grenadier Android App Review –

Today: Awkwardly throw some grenades at some dudes. A review of Grenadier by App: Grenadier Price: Free

The game doesn’t look very good. It’s not awful, but several things just look awkward. It’s also a pretty glitchy game, which can actually help you at some times, but hurt you at others. On one hand, it’s just a mediocre clone. On the other hand, there really aren’t many games of this kind on the Android. And since this app IS completely free, I guess there’s no harm in trying it out for yourself. There is another version of the game called Grenadier Pro, but the only thing it does is subtract advertisements, so avoid it unless you really can’t stand advertisements. Check it out.

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Developer: BitWhiz Labs
Price: Free


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