Android App Video Review: Greed Corp HD

Nov 15, 2011
Video Review

Greed Corp HD is a fantastic yet simple turn based strategy game originally developed by W!Games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in early 2010. It has since been ported to Steam, and finally brought to android devices by Invictus Games.

By utilizing unique terrain and gold farming mechanics, the game brings a very cool strategy experience to life, and it looks and sounds fantastic to boot. The basic set up is a resource war between four factions. These four factions are identical in terms of game play, offering only visual variety and different story elements. The greed of these factions is literally tearing the planet apart, and the way the whole concept and title tie into the gameplay mechanics is just brilliant.

This is a hexagonal turn based strategy game with very simple mechanics. Every unit you can build and move you can make is available from the get go. Where the game creates different scenarios is through the terrain. The terrain comes in hexagonal pillars at various levels of elevation. In order to farm these pillars for the money needed to buy troops and weapons, you literally pound the environment lower and lower until it collapses from under you. You literally destroy the environment for profit, hence the brilliance of the name.

You don’t have very much in your arsenal. You can build the terrain destroying farms, armories which let you build basic units, and ranged cannons. You have to load the cannons yourself each turn, and you can eventually buy aircraft to carry units across the map quickly. The strategy comes from the widely varying environments and enemy placements. As I said, it’s simple, but also innovative and unique. There is a campaign for each of the factions, all representing a different difficulty. One big issue with the game is that you can’t skip or fast forward through your opponent’s moves, and it can really drag on. Once you’re confident in your abilities, you can take this game online and climb those leaderboards and earn those in-game achievements. There is a very comprehensive tutorial that teaches you everything about the game, but it’s a bit too comprehensive. It took me over 40 minutes to complete alone.

The game has a great steam-punk like aesthetic and the graphics are well done. The soundtrack consists of jazzy New Orleans sounding music, and as random as these elements sound, they work well together. This game is unfortunately a tablet exclusive. I really enjoyed this game in the brief time that I played it on Xbox Live when it was initially released, and everything works great after the touch screen transition. Best of all, this game is completely free, so even if you aren’t big on strategy games, there’s no harm in giving it a download.

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