Android App Video Review: Fragger

Feb 28, 2012

First it was an extremely popular Flash game on, with over one hundred million players. Then it came to iOS devices and continued growing, adding new levels and content. Now it’s finally hit the Android Market, and it’s just as good as ever. Fragger is a great destruction based physics puzzler in which you work on your throwing arm and grenade pretty much everything into oblivion. It’s got nice art, simple and addictive gameplay, and is all around a great title.

Your mission is to blow away each enemy in a level by skillfully throwing your limited number of grenades around and over obstacles. You adjust your trajectory and the force of your throw by simply tapping and dragging around the screen, making any necessary corrections to get the job done. As things get more complicated, you’ll have to work around wooden blocks, destructible stone slabs, long pipe tunnels, explosive crates, and much more. You get a perfect score by using as few grenades as possible to finish the level while also blowing the up special crates that appear.

It’s a very simple concept, but it can also be brutally challenging. You can occasionally earn a level skip or video of the solution to a level, but these are far and few between, and you’ll probably use them up before you really need them. You can always buy more through in-app purchases if necessary. The perfection demanded from some of these levels is ridiculous, but the seemingly impossible levels don’t pop up all that frequently. There is an insane amount of content in this game. Over the last couple years, they’ve made it to 370 different levels across 12 distinct worlds with their own themes, such as desert, city, and alien planet.

Fragger Android App Review –

Today: One of the original addictive and destruction filled physics puzzlers! A review of Fragger by App: Fragger Price: Free The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

The simple art is nice, as are the effects, music, etc. Nothing special, but simple and charming. OpenFeint Leaderboards are supported too. The Android version of this game is available completely for free, though you will have to deal with some mildly annoying ads. They aren’t too bad, but if you can’t take them, you can get rid of them with an in-app purchase. As a free title and a Flash/mobile game phenomena, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

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