Android App Video Review: Flick Kick Football

Mar 25, 2011
Video Review

Flick Kick Football by the developer Pik Pok is another flick-based game this time themed around soccer. Like other apps produced by this developer, the goal of that game is to flick the ball in the net using a variety of flick motions.

Players will need to be extra precise as the game eventually begins throwing obstacles in the way that require some maneuvering around. The game comes with a nice set of modes to pick from like the standard arcade mode, which will put you in increasingly tough situations with only a set amount of earned lives. The Bullseye mode is essentially a target shoot, while the Time Attack mode will have you making as many goals as possible in an effort to keep your time from running out.

The game’s controls were a breeze to get the hang of and it ran wonderfully smoothly. The sound effects helped to immerse me into the gameplay and even the menu system was an enjoyable experience.

Overall, the game was definitely one of the better produced games of the year. With a pretty cheap price in the Android Market, this app is a definite buy for any casual gamer.

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