Android App Video Review: Fieldrunners HD

Jul 22, 2011
Video Review

Fieldrunners HD is a massively popular tower defense game developed by Subatomic Studios. Fieldrunners has been updated with HD graphics and thrown on the Android, and it is just as good as ever. This is easily one of my favorite tower defense games around, and I find it far more enjoyable than Myth Defense, which crushed my face with its difficulty.

Fieldrunners is a very simple game. There is no real story. Just several fields with dudes running across them. Dudes who need to be shot. I compared it to Myth Defense because it’s the same basic type of tower defense; with open fields rather than closed circuits. You have to create labyrinths of death for all of the enemies and let no more than 19 enemies slip by. There are ground units that you can block, and unblockable flying units that go straight for the goal. The variety in the towers and their functions are great. There are seven tower types, each can be upgraded three times. The game is simple, yet very challenging and tons of fun.

There are four very different looking maps with three game-types in each. Classic mode, Extended mode, which adds more enemies and towers, and Endless mode, which is the same as extended, only endless. To compound things further, there are three difficulties to play on, which comes out to a whole lot of combinations. After each map you upload your high scores. I really wish I could just create a profile, like in Plant’s vs. Zombies, so that I didn’t have to re-enter my name every time I finish a game. There are also plenty of in-game achievements to go for. Strangely enough, the only place you can access the achievements is from the pause menu in the middle of a game. At least, I didn’t find any other way, but I could be wrong. There is a ton of content here for such a simple game with so few towers and maps.I love the vibrant and colorful graphics and smooth animations. Everything looks great, from the towers to their projectiles and the enemies. Each map has a very distinct look. The user interface is smooth and easy to use, and the music is great too. This is definitely a high quality tower defense tgame hat should be played by any TD fan. This is only a three dollar app. Check it iout.


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Andrew Koziara

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