Android App Video Review: FallDown3D

Sep 1, 2010
Video Review

FallDown3D is a very simple game which uses the accelerometer in your Android phone to control the camera.The whole point of the game is to steer the camera to avoid obstacles and eventually reach the end of the tunnel.

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Aside from turning the phone to achieve your goal, you can also just tap around the screen to control the orientation. The game wasn’t much more complex once you pass a few levels. Eventually obstacles grow harder to pass but the game moves so slow it is almost too easy to reach your goal.

There isn’t much more to the app than the game and the controls and sensitivity can’t be adjusted in any way. There is literally no menu system except to enter a level.

Once completing a level, it will tell you how fast you finish although that seemed very irrelevant. If you’re traveling at a set speed down the pipe there is no need to know how fast you completed the course. There is no perceivable way to speed your descent and therefore renders the feature pointless.

I recommend avoiding this app if you don’t want to waste a few dollars.

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