Android App Video Review: Epic Defense – The Elements

Apr 4, 2012

Epic Defense – The Elements is a new tower defense title from DreamStudio. It offers a unique kind of tower building mechanic, nice visuals, a truly epic soundtrack worthy of the title, and much more. Unfortunately, it also offers a tower upgrading system that requires you to grind out lots of gold or just buy extra gold through in-app purchases, unless you’re lucky, of course.


Despite that, the concept is interesting and the game is free, so you might as well try it for yourself. The tower building mechanics in this game are like a simplified version of that found in GemCraft, the popular Flash game turned iOS game. You place basic, empty towers around the field, and then equip them with differently colored gems to change their properties. Those gems are red, blue, and yellow, or fire, ice, and lighting, respectively. Combining these with towers will turn them into entirely new towers, changing their effectiveness. All in all, this makes for 10 towers total–three focused on each element, and one balanced “″ app_id=”350906” target=”_blank”>Download the free Appolicious Android app

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