Android App Video Review: Dragon Rush Pro

Oct 11, 2011
Video Review

Dragon Rush Pro is a very solid and fun casual game from Terran Droid. It’s not very complicated and it has its issues, but as a whole it’s pretty well done and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it isn’t working for a lot of people on a lot of phones, though it worked perfectly fine on my Nexus One.

The premise here is that you’re a dragon named Bluppy trying to rescue your girlfriend who was kidnapped by aliens. To do this, you jump in a cannon and launch yourself in the direction she was taken. Each level is very simple. You tilt the screen left and right to dodge obstacles and collect coins. Tapping the screen results in a jump, which lets you avoids obstacles, but often slows you down and makes you miss coins. Collecting coins propels you forward, so missing them is a bad idea. Along the way, you’ll collect several power ups with varied effects, from making you incorporeal to shrinking you, or even turning you into a super hero and letting you fly for a bit. Each level has its own batch of unique power-ups. To get to a new level, at least 250 meters must be reached on the previous levels. All those coins that you collect aren’t for nothing though. You can use them to buy into new levels, or take them to the store to make pick-ups like the potions and magnets more potent and effective, all with in-game currency.

The cartoony 2D art is charming and well done, and the levels offer a lot of variety, some even being themed off holidays like Halloween. This isn’t a very deep title, but it offers a lot of fun content for the low, low price of totally free. There aren’t even any annoying advertisements. This game might not keep your attention for very long, but it’s definitely worth trying out. Hopefully it works on your phone, though.

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