Android App Video Review: Cut the Rope: Experiments

Mar 21, 2012
Video Review

Cut the Rope: Experiments is the sequel/spinoff to the original physics puzzler that brought Om Nom into this world, from Zepto Labs. It mixes up the old formula by introducing some great new mechanics, which is really just what every free level pack has always done! This is an excellent addition to the franchise, bringing out new boxes, colorful new settings, and a great vocal new owner of the little candy-loving critter.

This time around, the adorable little monster known as Om Nom has been dropped off on the doorstep of a scientist, who will simply not be content without learning about the adorable little guy. The goal of the game is still to maneuver the candy to Om Nom’s salivating mouth, usually while avoiding spikes and other hazards and collecting the three stars on each level for an added challenge. Stars are required to unlock new levels, so they’re not just for bragging rights. Whether you’re dealing with ropes, air blowers, bubbles, spiders, or any of the other old and new mechanics, the puzzles are always fun and satisfying.

The first set of levels quickly teach or re-teach you the mechanics of the game, letting new players in easily while reminding rusty veteran players what’s what. It isn’t long before the new mechanics, such as the suction cups and rope shooters, are thrown into the mix. The already released level packs also include rockets, which are fantastically fun, along with a real game changer in the form of water mechanics, which are really a perfect fit for the franchise and a logical direction to go. Of course, new level packs will be released in future updates.

The same old cartoony art style has been preserved, but there seems to be much more variety to the backgrounds and the colors generally seem more varied and vivid. The same memorable soundtrack also makes a return. The shouts of encouragement from the scientist are a nice touch, and it honestly feels like he’s talking to you sometimes. ScoreLoop achievements and leaderboards are both supported for your competitive needs. Download the free Appolicious Android app

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Andrew Koziara

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