Android App Video Review: Chalk Ball

Mar 11, 2011
Video Review

Games that utilize physics are not hard to find in the Android Market, and every time a new one pops up it can be hard to judge if it is going to be fun or not. Chalk Ball is a simple game that takes place entirely on a chalk board.

The object of the game is to keep the falling ball in the air for as long as possible. To do this, you draw lines on the board for it to bounce off. Each chalk line you draw will deplete your bar. Once you are out of chalk you won’t be able to stop the ball from falling and will lose the game.

The game also comes with an adventure mode that will offer a variety of different challenges to try and beat. The graphics and controls to the game were just fine for my phone but the part that lost me was the repetitiveness of the game. After bouncing the ball for a while, it grew old, quick. I did however enjoy the adventure mode which offered the variety I was looking for.

Overall, the app is well-made and can be repetitive in spots. But the addition of the adventure mode can help change the pace, and, ultimately, it was a fun game to play through. Check it out.

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