Android App Video Review: Can Knockdown 2

Mar 9, 2011
Video Review

We’ve seen some pretty good target practice apps hit the Android Market. Games like Paper Toss and the Flick apps have seen their share of the spotlight and have brought some pretty fun gameplay to mobile phones. The latest app to join the genre is Can Knockdown 2.

This app is pretty basic but what it does have to offer is a ton of fun. The game’s graphics are very well done and the sounds help to complement the gameplay. The entire point of the game is to basically play three different carnival type games using balls and cans. You can shoot targets, attempt to knock over stacks of cans, or take on the large challenge of hitting launched cans.

The modes have a lot of variety to them and even offer some cool concepts like power-ups and an interactive menu. Overall, the app gives players a fun experience for a really cheap price. It isn’t a very deep one, but it definitely can offer hours of entertainment. Check it out.

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