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Aug 25, 2011

Bloo Kid is a cool retro style platformer developed by Eiswuxe. The graphics and music are great, and I love the concept, but the game can feel unfair and has its share of technical problems.

You play as Bloo Kid trying to save your girlfriend from an evil wizard that kidnaps her because this is a video game, so why not? Rather than have you move across a scrolling map to reach the end of a level, this game takes place on fixed maps. I would describe it as an arena platformer. It’s all about stomping every enemy and surviving to the end. You can see the amount of enemies remaining on a level next to your health meter. The enemies are varied and diverse, and the game is always making you add to your strategies. There are five worlds with 60 levels, and you are rated out of three stars on each. One star for finishing the level, a Special star that you have to collect before it disappears, and a Flawless star for not taking any damage in a level. Going for all the stars in this game is likely to drive you mad, though.

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I really like this concept, but the platforming can be very awkward and touchy. Sometimes you’re just one pixel away from making a jump, and the game just doesn’t want to let you make it for some reason. I found that hitting the arrow just before jumping rather than after fixed the problem a lot of the time, but it still seemed really random about it. It’s really easy to get into situations that are actually impossible to get out of without hurting yourself, usually because of the touchy jumping mechanic. The controls would occasionally lock up on me or become unresponsive on my Nexus One. These flaws really hold back what is otherwise a wonderful game.

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Despite those flaws, I still think this is a good game. The retro graphics are great and the soundtrack is fantastic. The game is just a bit too slow for my taste. It’s also a completely free game, and the advertisements are all kept away from the actual gameplay screens. Definitely give this one a look.

Bloo Kid
Developer: winterworks GmbH
Price: Free+
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