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Jan 19, 2012
Video Review

Avenger is the latest release from CWA games. It’s a very basic side scrolling, action, hack-and-slash title with nice colorful art and decent gameplay. However, the game is very repetitive, the controls can be touchy and the English translation is horrible. But hey, it is a totally free game, so I guess it gets some points back for that.

The game tells a rather generic story about devils and their dark castles, which you, the hero, must go to in order to defeat them. There’s also a big story involving the hero’s love interest, who apparently is possessed or something by the devil queen, but her true soul is in another dimension and can talk to you through a special mirror, or something… Did I mention that this is all explained with egregious grammar mistakes? The story just seems like a backdrop for the Castlevania-inspired visuals, and we’re not here for the plot anyway.

The gameplay is quite simple. You move around using either a touch anywhere D-pad, or a locked in D-pad, and you have a jump and attack button. Attacking in conjunction with different directions makes up your main move set, and depending on what weapon you have equipped special spells and abilities will also be one virtual button press away. The controls can be a bit unresponsive, even on devices that aren’t my older Nexus One, but for the most part they work fine.

The whole game is just room after room, filled to the brim with easily disposed of enemies, and the occasional tough enemy or boss fight thrown in to mix things up. As you cut down hordes of demons, you’ll level up your hero and his weapon, and they’ll drop buckets of gold for you to collect. Using that gold, you’ll be able to apply special upgrades to your weapons, like increased damage or experience. The gameplay is simple and quite fun, but also extremely repetitive. Many rooms seem copy pasted from others, and many entire levels or worlds just recolor the same assets you’ve already seen, but not in very creative ways. The new abilities you get with each new weapon definitely keep things interesting though, so change them up whenever you can.

The simple art style is well done, and makes good use of a darker color palate. The sound effects and music are pretty good too. At the end of the day, this is a good time killing title that isn’t very compelling, but you’re still bound to enjoy it on some level. Considering that it’s completely free, that’s just fine by me. Give it a download and see what you think.


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Andrew Koziara

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