Android App Video Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Feb 7, 2012

It’s amazing how simply turning a game concept upside down can result in such a fresh and innovative title. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD from 11 Bit Studios takes the tower defense genre and turns it into a tower “offense” so to speak, putting you in control of the attacking troops. The production values are off the charts: great graphics, music, sound design and replayability. This is a game you definitely shouldn’t pass up on.

Bagdhad, 2018. Unknown alien aircrafts crash land all over the place, giving off a strange energy and creating the “Anomaly” of the title. Your job is to go into these anomaly zones and fight off the alien menace in defense of the Earth. Missions have you guide a convoy of different vehicles through turret-infested terrain. Each mission lets you plan out the exact path of your convoy, and you can alter it at any time with the simple press of a button. As you roam around and collect resources, you’ll be able to add more vehicles to the convoy or just upgrade the ones you already have.

This game was originally released for the PC on Steam, and you can buy that version for ten dollars. This is not a straight port though. This game was redesigned from the ground up for touch devices. In the PC version, you control a special character in a massive battle suit called “The Commander,” and he has various abilities, such as repair circles, smoke screens, decoys and airstrikes. This character is absent from the mobile version, instead letting you simply deploy these powers by selecting them and tapping wherever you want them to be dropped. The missions were also redesigned, and the various turrets and vehicles are even introduced at different times. All of these changes lend themselves to a much better mobile game experience, and shows that the developers know what they’re doing.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Android App Review –

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Outside of the main story missions, you’ll also unlock two side modes, called Squad Assault and Squad Assault: Rearmed, which are essentially special challenges for you to tackle. There is plenty to do in this game, and you always want to go back and replay missions for the best ratings. The graphics are detailed and crisp, the UI is intelligently designed, and the visuals are very unique overall. The sound design, music, and even the voice acting are all top notch, despite your mission giver sounding just like Jango Fett. Best of all, you can download it for a measly four dollars, which it is more than worth. Definitely check this one out for the unique concept and frantic gameplay.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
Developer: 11 bit studios
Price: €3,99
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