Android App Video Review: Airport Mania: First Flight

Mar 8, 2011
Video Review

When I first saw Airport Mania in the Android Market, I figured it would be another flight control clone where I would need to guide planes in by drawing lines. I was surprised to find out though that I was completely wrong.

The app is actually more similar to games like Sally’s Salon where you must manage multiple actions at the same time and work with a queue system to get the most points. The idea is that you are running an airport and it’s your job to make sure each plane gets landed, fueled, repaired, loaded, and takes off at the proper time.

The game threw me off with its cartoon graphics and I didn’t actually realize how hard it could be until I jumped into the action. Planes have various needs and it was really hard to manage it all and make sure that they were being loaded with passengers in time. The game plays awesomely smooth, although I did find selecting the planes to be a challenge at certain points.

Overall though, this app was a ton of fun and was really well done. If you’re looking for a way to put your multi-tasking abilities to the test, definitely check this app out.

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