Android App Video Review: A Monster Ate My Homework

Aug 15, 2011

A Monster Ate My Homework is a fun little title from developer Geek Beach. It has a very simple mechanic and art style that make the game easy to pick up and play. Anyone can pick this game up and be amused, for a little while at least.

So there’s a box, outside somewhere, and for some reason your homework is sitting on top of it, as are several monsters. Your job is to chuck your endless supply of balls at the monsters to keep them from eating your homework, even though I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for them to do so successfully considering they have no arms or legs and have quadrilateral faces. It’s kind of creepy how the faces can randomly switch sides so that they’re always facing you, though. I have no idea what’s going on in this game, let’s just play it.

A Monster Ate My Homework Android App Review –

Today: A very simple game in which you don’t fail out of school. A review of A Monster Ate My Homework by App: A Monster Ate My Homework Price: Free

You can only do a couple things in this game. You can throw balls by tapping the screen, or you can rotate around the box by swiping it. Using this, you plot out which monsters you’re going to hit, when, and from what angles. If you knock off any of your homework, you lose and have to restart. The amount of balls it takes you to complete a level is recorded and submitted as your highest score on the level.

There is a surprising amount of strategy and depth to this extremely simple game. You can handle situations in a multitude of ways using different techniques. As you progress, the blocks become varied in size and shape, and things can get especially tricky once apples are introduced as homework. I guess this game takes place in 1800s or something, who brings apples to school for their teachers anymore? The apples obviously roll around and complicate things further. You can play the game like pool, hitting homework blocks into monster blocks. You can knock a tower over, only to save the homework block on top by hitting it mid fall with precise timing. Or you can just randomly spam the level with balls, that’s always fun to do, and even helpful sometimes.

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The game supports OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements. What I like about the achievements is that they actually give you tangible rewards. You receive monster tokens which can be used to skip difficult levels. There is Facebook and Twitter support as well. The game is totally free, but you have the option of getting rid of advertisements with a two dollar purchase. Check this one out.

A Monster Ate My Homework


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