Android App Tablet Review: XFINITY TV

Oct 14, 2011
TV and Movies

XFINITY TV is the official app for XFINITY On Demand and is compatible with the Motorola Xoom and Honeycomb tablets running on Android 3.1.

The app boasts dozens of features, but is lacking polish and riddled with errors and glitches. Many people can’t even use the app at all, while others encounter problems once they’re inside. The app is very useful when it’s functional. You can manage your own DVR from the app, view TV listing, and even use it as a remote for the actual TV.

Unfortunately, the app does not offer any streaming services, which are available on the iOS equivalent of the app. This is a great start for a great app, but it needs to be fixed up and expanded a great deal. I should note that a subscription is required to use the app.

Xfinity TV is a very promising app that just needs some work.

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Andrew Koziara

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