Android App Tablet Review: Google Body

Oct 5, 2011

Google Body is an exclusive tablet-only app that offers a detailed 3D model of the human body to explore.

The app allows you to view different anatomical layers, zoom in and out, and navigate to the parts of the body of interest. From there, various muscles, organs and bones can be examined and explored further. A handy search function helps out in case you’ve ever wondered where your opponens pollicis or inferior gemellus are. However, the app doesn’t actually tell you what they do or how they function, merely helps you locate them. It’s still useful for learning the names of various body parts and a good showcase of Google’s technology.

The app runs smoothly and efficiently and is a nice way to show off the power of your Android tablet, though its lack of in-depth information make it more for casual viewing than useful medical research. Perhaps, over time, Google will improve its capabilities. They’ve promised that a male model will be added to the app soon.

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Marty Gabel

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