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Feb 16, 2011

The app for your Android phone is a vibrant alternative to the standard black-and-white news application.

The app uses its famous NBC peacock logo as a color-coding system for each of the different categories of news. This not only makes the app feel neatly organized and therefore, very easy to navigate, but it also makes for a much more visually interesting application.

When you launch the app, you’re brought to a main menu with two tabs: “Topics” and “Shows.” Topics is where you go to get all of your different sections of news: top stories, entertainment, health and weather, for instance.

In case you missed the most recent episode of TODAY, Dateline NBC or Hardball, “Shows” is where you would go to watch some of the highlights. In addition to a bunch of videos that will get you caught up, because Twitter is integrated into the app, there’s also an option to check out the show’s or NBC personality’s official Twitter feed.

Speaking of Twitter, if you stumble upon any stories that are worth noting, you always have the option to hit your phone’s “Menu” button in order to share the article with your friends — via a text message, email or your favorite social networking site — or save it for a later read.

NBC News App Demo

Uploaded by msnbc devices on 2014-02-03.

I was actually quite impressed by all of the information available on and the fact that it was all organized in such a sensical way. Even better, the app seems to be updated pretty frequently.

One complaint I have with, though, is that stories on the news feed don’t appear to be arranged in any particular order. I found that it wasn’t unusual to come across articles that were a few days old listed above stories that happened just hours ago. Even under top stories, articles were scattered along the feed.

In terms of how it works as a program, though, I don’t have any issues. Despite the fact that there’s a ton of information to be found on here, there don’t seem to be any operational hiccups, like lengthy waiting time or freezing.

Tasty: This is a very colorful news application.

Bummer: News stories don’t seem to be organized by their timeliness.

Cool: NBC’s peacock logo is used to color-code news stories.

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