Anatomically Correct Apps for Android

Sep 27, 2011

For students, clinicians, or anyone who’s curious about the amazing human body, these apps are informative and fun.

Google Body

Interactive and full of features, this anatomy app is the high-quality you’d expect from Google. What you might not expect is that it’s not available on all Android devices. Go figure.


Visual Anatomy

So if you can’t get Google Body, get this as a great anatomy reference. You pay a little for the content…


Visual Anatomy Free

… or you can get the freebie, with a little less content but similar features. Both are tablet ready and feature things like tap-and-zoom on high-res images, and quizzes to test what you’ve learned.


Anatomy Flash Cards

Simple reference and review, nice for students.


Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

Now REALLY test yourself! Move super-fast in this game and see if you remember what goes where and does what in the human body.


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