All Things Zebra.

Aug 8, 2011

Zebra stripes are cool – and zebras are cool. Turn your phone into a zebra with these apps!

Zebra Skin Keyboard!

For .99 you can turn your keyboard into a zebra striped keyboard (works with smart or better keyboard). A little bit difficult to see the actual letters, but very cool zebra print.


Zebra Battery Widget

This widget tells you how much battery you have left on your phone by turning a zebra white as you run out, stripe by stripe. Cute!


Zebra Theme

If you have a home replacement app you can get this zebra theme for $1.49. black and white buttons on a black and white zebra background. Simple but fun!


Zebra Stripes Live Wallpaper

A color changing zebra print wallpaper. Fun!


Pink Zebra Clock

This is a .99 pink zebra print analog clock. Looks cool!


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