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Feb 9, 2011

I suck at getting out of bed. Totally useless. I can quite easily silence an alarm the other side of the room (!) and climb back into bed and fall straight back to sleep. This has lead me to try out some alternative alarm clocks available for Android.

GetUp! Alarm Trial

For my needs, this is easily the best. It has options that require you to physically get up and walk around for 30secs before the alarm turns off. This gets me awake. It also lets me restrict the number of snoozes I can have. Very simple UI. I would recommend this app.


Gentle Alarm

This alarm tries to wake you up gently. When it works, it does feel nice (as nice as one can feel in the morning anyway). It sets of a quieter alarm about 30 mins before your real alarm to move you into lighter sleep. I found it quite easy to still go back to sleep though after. Your mileage may be better, particularly if you just want to be woken up nicely and can actually get up your self normally. The only down side is that its complicated to set up, and has a horrible UI.


Math Alarm Clock

The first alternative alarm clock I tried. It presents you with maths puzzles, of varying difficulties, which you must solve before silencing the alarm. Other alarm clocks have included this feature, but I still think this one does it best. It can get you to solve some pretty complicated equations if you want.


Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

A decent alarm clock packed with lots of features I like. Restricts the number of snoozes, and has an alarm that kicks in gently. Can also require you to solve simple maths puzzles.


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