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Oct 24, 2016

It’s literally claimed that a company’s reputation is dependent on its customer service. A 24 x 7 available customer service promises about the trustworthiness. Such facilities have been always impressive for a customer. In fact, people don’t hesitate to buy a product or going through a new service, being assured through the option to complain via customer service department.

It’s a fact at the same time that the modern day humans are too dependent upon specialized service providers, even for very minute affairs like carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, etc. On the other hand, more services one gets associated with, more service center numbers he/she has to remember.

Remembering multiple customer care numbers for each service provider is definitely not an easy task. In addition, you never know which number is free to receive your call. It has been seen in many occasions that communications can’t be facilitated even through any one of the multiple numbers provided.

Well, many companies in contemporary times are coming with specialized customer support calling app to enable its customers/clients in connecting with the customer service providing team directly through it. Though one doesn’t need to remember multiple customer service numbers through such apps, but, the connectivity issues are still pretty much intact. First of all, these numbers do get connected, or re answered, after a lot of trials. In most of the occasions you get a busy tone, especially in those occasions when you need them the most.

Moreover, even if it gets connected or answered, you have to follow various formalities afterwards making things absolutely hectic. Especially, the process of channeling your call through multiple departments consume much of your valuable time.

Now, it’s evident that the time has surfaced to think something beyond the facility of easy customer service connection. One can’t simply call toll free number helpline every time and get frustrated. Well, the service providers may or may not have realized, but, the world of technology has certainly come up with significant solutions for such issues.

One can now have the apps for Android/iOS platforms, which act like a complete directory of all the customer service contact numbers. Such an app is Aino, which is actually a personal helpdesk for mobile phone. You can connect with the one you wish through such apps directly. The best part, it saves much of your valuable time through the facilities like call scheduling.

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It lets you schedule calls with any of your customer service provider, at any time you are free, or from anywhere you wish. In short, these apps ensure no more dealing with hectic call processing or wastage of time.

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