Adding a Twist to Games with Twisty Board

Nov 17, 2016

Several trends in the mobile gaming industry have become increasingly evident to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Most notably, many developers attempt to make their games as simple as possible so that the barrier to enjoying the gameplay is minimal. Along with the simple interface, games are made to be more engaging and addictive through different tactics including gamification.

With these core paradigms in the field of mobile gaming, future games are expected to be increasingly simple to start such as Flappy Birds or Doodle Jump while being highly addictive to keep players engaged for long periods of time. One app that strongly fits this description, Twisty Board, perfectly proves the above mentioned facts.

Developed by the Love Handle Developers team who are familiar with the game creation process, Twisty Board is the latest addition to their game portfolio which has yet to be released on the Google Play Store. Starting from November 17th, Android users can download the game and start playing Twisty Board which is based on concepts that are extremely easy to grasp. The premise of the game is based on the user controlling a hoverboard while avoiding the various obstacles. Out of the various obstacles that exist, the most difficult one to avoid are the missiles which require a quick reaction time to successfully avoid. With over 30 different characters and many hoveboards, players have variety in their characters and are able to customize their experience to one which suits them best.

Official Twisty Board Game Play Video by LHD Games

The Chase is on! Twisty Board is a fun action packed game. Tap left and right to escape from missiles and to avoid obstacles. Features: *over 30 fun characters. *5 colorful unique worlds. *super power-up Published by GalacticThumb @kripa1415 @lhdgames

The simplicity of Twisty Board is emphasized in the controls which are made to be extremely intuitive to understand. To control the board, players simply have to tap different parts of the screen. For example, to move left, the player will have to tap the left part of the screen whereas the player will have to tap on the right part of the screen to move right. These controls make it easy for potential players to start playing the game immediately without a walkthrough or tutorial to begin. This notion serves both as a strength and weakness to the game however as simplicity can only be engaging for so long. While the controls are simple with just taps, the repetitive movements are quickly familiarized and become boring to some. This is not only true for Twisty Board, but for games such Doodle Jump, simply rotating the phone to control the player becomes unengaging after a while so developers must find other ways to keep players on the app.

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To counter this, there are 6 different worlds in Twisty Board for the players to cruise in. Different worlds have different obstacles to keep players interested while the final objective remains the same. With an immense amount of focus and attention required to win, Twisty Board can be considered as a simple yet fun game to play with. Easy to begin and engaging to play, the graphical elements of the game differ from existing games found on the Google Play Store to offer a gameplay experience which is highly unique to its players.

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