A small business calculator app for startups

Jul 15, 2016

There are many apps that provide financial calculations, like Financial Calculators from Bishenews and 12C Financial Calculator from Mercury Technologies, but these are rather complicated and aimed at complex calculations and not designed for entrepreneurs. Small Business Bot provides contract and market analysis tools, which we have not seen in other apps so far.

Small Business Bot (SBB) is being developed by Professor Lew Perren from the University of Brighton to help entrepreneurs with their decisions. The calculations and decision analysis tools are aimed mainly at startups and small businesses, although some might help larger scale firms as well.

The developer’s intention is to add a planning tool as well. These are available from other apps, such as the helpful Business Plan and Startup from Alex Genadinik, but the SBB version hopes to move beyond a template to provide some decision support as well.

As the ‘Bot’, in Small Business Bot, suggests the app has a robot that will talk you through the calculations and decision analysis. This might seem gimmicky, but is actually rather useful as you can concentrate on the input while the robot guides you.

The export feature is offered for free, whereas many apps charge such features as add-on features. Perhaps the most unique feature of the app is that it is being developed by a professor, Dr. Perren at a business school as a free public good. So you know you are never going to be asked to pay as you become familiar with the system, or hit with loads of annoying adverts or missing key features to make it work. The developer is also committing to developing new features in response to user feedback so this could be a project with a real community feel.

Small Business Bot is available now free of charge and although in early version it is certainly worth space on your Android device if you are an aspiring startup or small business.

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