Key Ring: A loyalty and membership card replacement

Oct 3, 2010

The Key Ring Rewards Cards app for Android is a simple way to get rid of all those plastic cards weighing down your wallet and cluttering your keys.

Using bar code scanner technology, the app creates a digital copy of all the rewards cards and membership cards that you use on a regular basis. Now, instead of digging through your wallet and holding up the line, retailers can simply scan the bar code from your phone’s screen. The app also stores your more personal cards, like your library and gym membership cards.

To get started, select Add Card from the top right corner, and specify whether or not your card in question has a bar code. If it does, position your card inside the camera’s viewfinder so you can scan and make a digital copy. Then identify the retailer, and it will be added to a repository for easy searching later on. If your card does not have a bar code, you can manually input the cards identification number.

Key Ring – The Mobile App That Saves You Money

Key Ring – The Mobile App That Saves You Money Free Smartphone App available for iPhone, Android Blackberry & Windows phones. Mobestream Media is the maker of the Key Ring Reward Cards (Key Ring) mobile application available for all iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices.

If the app doesn’t have your favorite chain restaurant, grocery store or airline, under Please Select Program you can click the option Other-Program Not in List, and the app will draft an email request to the app’s authors. You just have to click Send.

Key Ring offering is convenient and very easy to use, both in data entry and practical use.

Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales
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