A comprehensive Wi-Fi analyzer for securing your network

Aug 10, 2016

Scrambling for protection whole dumping millions into cyber security, celebrities, corporations, and governments alike have employed massive amounts of resources to prevent attacks from reaching their digital information. While millions are spent by these groups to ensure confidentiality and protection, individuals simple lack the resources to access high-tech solutions to counter digital attacks, often resulting in the use of weak-at-best software to protect internet and device vulnerabilities. Despite the importance of digital security being familiar to many, applying protective measures for in-home Wi-Fi networks is subpar, serving as a gateway to network breaches, malicious hacks, and even identity compromises. This is widely attributed to the notion that protective internet software is reserved for those who have the resources and dedicated personnel to ensure the adequate security of their networks. However, this paradigm of elite security is effectively disrupted with the introduction of the free Wifi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert app.

Housing over 15 features for monitoring in-home Wi-Fi, Wifi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert democratizes secure and monitoring technology access for the internet. With a single click upon opening the app, users have instant access to a multitude of features that closely resembles the firepower of a personal IT team. From displaying IP and MAC addresses to access points and even neighboring wireless connections, Wifi Analyzer is a portable toolkit suitable for both business and personal network oversight. Although the app utilizes highly technical knowledge to accurately secure numerous networks, its simple design emphasizes usability with only single-click buttons necessary for much of its features. Bolstering sophisticated analytics, Wifi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert is oppositely developed to be highly accessible to a wide demographic, using simplified jargon coupled with elegant graphs to display information. The simplicity in which data is conveyed makes it friendly to even those without any technical knowledge and adequately removes any confusion with high-tech terms.

Home WiFi Alert Wifi Analyzer Block Function

This video will show you the steps to block someone from using your Home network! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.lamatricexiste.networksearch&hl=en

Two core features significantly differentiated Wifi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert from the growing number of network-based apps available, notable the “AP Scan” and “Network Scanning Function” features which increases internet usability. The AP Scan grants users insights to see how crowded a channel is in a designated range and then suggests a switch from that channel in the event that it is too crowded as a way to increase internet speeds, all with beautiful graphs and intuitive information. Conversely, the Block Function indicates all devices that are connected to a certain router, giving the user the option to Block, Ping, or mark as an Untrusted Device and restrict access to the internet connection, all done directly from the app. Being highly relevant to all internet users, these features not only enhance the security, but also increase the performance of Wi-Fi connectivity.

This unparalleled degree of control in a single app gives Wifi Analyzer-Home Wifi Alert an advantage when compared to its rival counterparts. Having complete control of wireless security, users are given a heightened sense of security coupled with the ability to increase internet speeds, making the app convenient to business and individuals alike.

Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert – Android Apps on Google Play

Home Wifi Alert- Wifi Analyzer has been called one of the most impressive wifi analyzers/network analyzers on Google Play. Meticulously protect your WiFi and maximize your connection speed with the wide variety of network utilities and tools. This app is a must-have for a wide range of users from beginners to IT specialist and skilled network administrators.

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