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Got an idea for an app but don't know where to start? Make Android Apps has you covered. Take the full course run by Android Authority's Gary Sims now to begin your education! With no prior coding skills necessary, you'll follow along with easy, bite-sized lessons and be developing professional apps before you know it.

Not ready to dive in? Why not try out the free Java development course to learn the official programming language of Android, or check out the blog for a ton of beginner-friendly dev content.

Making Android apps is an incredibly worthwhile skill to learn and here at MAA, you'll find everything you need to get started. Good luck!

Anatomy of an app - an introduction to activity lifecycles

Once you've started your first project in Android Studio and tested it on a device, a lot of doors start to open up for you. Things should hopefully begin to click into place and I imagine you could create a few different things based off of that starting point. But guess work will only get you...


Hello world in Android Studio - creating and running your first Android app

In programming of any kind, it is traditional to create a Hello World app for your first project. This simply means you’re printing the words ‘Hello World’ to the screen, which requires a very basic understanding of how to display text and more importantly, how to create and run a basic...


Finding your way around Android Studio

Finding your way around Android Studio Android development has become a lot more beginner friendly over the years thanks to constant improvements and iterations from Google. But with that said, booting up Android Studio for the first time is still a less than welcoming experience and it can be...


Installing Android Studio and starting your first project

Convinced that Android development is for you? What you need then is a complete development environment so that you can jump in and get started. With that in mind, this post will go over the basic steps necessary to prepare your computer for Android development. By the end, you’ll be ready to...


Getting started with Android development

Let’s start at the very beginning. Why would you want to learn to develop Android Apps? There are plenty of good answers to that question. The first is that Android gives you access to more than two billion monthly users in a very direct fashion. Android is the number one mobile operating...


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