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ZombieSmash on Android proves the undead are the life of the party

May 8, 2012

For the past few years or so, the obsession with zombie infestation has seen the genre rise from the dead (excuse the pun), and infest every inch of the American media. Thanks to books, television shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, Zombieland and World War Z, everyone’s favorite cannon fodder have also swarmed across all genres of mobile gaming. While it’s been on iOS for a while, Using your fingers you can grab hold of the walking dead and toss, grab and smash them on the ground. The main objective has you keeping the hoards of undead from reaching your building. While tapping, flicking and sliding can get repetitively boring, the inclusion of ragdoll physics  creates amusing situations, as zombies will splatter and get dismembered. While the art style is bright and comedic, its use of weaponry and flying limbs makes this a mature title. This is made more apparent as the last zombie killed gives you the option to take a snapshot to share with your friends.

Content wise, while not hefty, there’s enough meat to keep you playing. With four different games modes, two different levels (including night and day) and an array of weapons. As you lay waste to the zombies, you’ll collect the stars they drop for a powerful and comedic armament of weapons.

While the satisfaction of taking down mindless zombies will never get old, ZombieSmash gives you the endless sandbox with which to play. If you’ve packed an emergency bag for the imminent zombie apocalypse, consider downloading ZombieSmash during that down time.

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