Zombie Ace tops Android Games of the Week

Jun 3, 2012
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We’ve definitely had another solid week of Android releases. Topping us off is Zombie Ace, a creative and humorous new auto-runner from Hothead Games. Next is a unique new title from Alphacloud Inc. called Castle Master 3D. We’ve also got the latest and greatest from Miniclip.com, a simple, free title from OrangePixel, as well as even more ports from games2be and the absolutely excellent Noodlecake Studios. Definitely don’t skip this one! Here are this week’s top Android games.

Spoing, I figured I’d share just one more of their titles with you. This one is a very strange and abstract puzzle game, involving expanding bubbles that you need to pop. When you pop them, shockwaves will be sent out, which will pop all the surrounding enemy bubbles. If you let enemy bubbles get too big or allow them to devour your own bubbles, you lose a life. Your job is to last as long as you can. It’s definitely an interesting title to say the least, and there are plenty of extra modes on offer, including a time trial, if you get bored.

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