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Zite is a savvy and handy Android app for news lovers

Apr 13, 2012

I usually just wander around Twitter for a while when I am looking to digest some new news. If it is newsworthy, somebody is going to tweet it, right? But I have to admit, the free Zite app for Android is pretty fabulous for perusing some fresh intelligence. Simply set up the app and select what kind of news you are interested in browsing. Categories range from serious money matters to the flippant celebrity news genre. Stories there were selected for me ranged from “Why Are So Many American Single?” from The New Yorker to “Hillary Clinton Thanks ‘Texts From Hillary’ Guys For The ‘LOLZ’” from the Huffington Post.

The app is arranged for easy scrolling. Read the top stories or flip through your chosen magazine selections such as Arts & Culture, Food & Cooking, Travel Blogs & Tips and many, many more. And if you change your mind about what articles you want to read, you can switch up your selections at any time. Zite basically scours millions of articles each day to constantly bring its users only the best of the best.

In a world of a million (and then some) news websites, a handy app like Zite makes it so much easier to stay informed. Zite even hooks up with your Google Reader and Twitter history to find out more about you and your individual reading habits and preferences. How cool is that? It’s a smart news app for an extremely wired generation.

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