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Zinio Guest Post: What’s your favorite digital magazine?

Apr 1, 2013

Can the iconic magazine maintain the people’s choice status? Cast your vote.

At Zinio we’re always adding new high quality magazines from around the world. We strive to add a unique mix of magazines. From long time favorites, to iconic titles, niche newcomers and even innovative international titles, we want our readers to always find something that matches their passions.

The Zinio catalog is currently filled with over 5,500 of the world’s best digital magazines. But, you’d be surprised to see which titles are actually voted by our readers as the favorites. We decided to open up the voting to the Android Apps community. Scroll through some of the newest additions to Zinio, browse our store and then cast your vote in the comments. We also invite you to share your favorites with the Android Apps Facebook and Twitter communities.

The winner of the Appolicious reader’s choice for “favorite” magazine to read digitally on Zinio will be shared in a few weeks. Until then, check out some of our new additions:

Vanity Fair

I doubt there are many strangers to Vanity Fair. It is, however, fairly new to the Zinio newsstand in the US. The magazine has always done a great job walking the line between legit celebrity fascination and tabloid voyeurism. Throw in some award winning investigative journalism and you have Vanity Fair. But the underrated part of the magazine that shines in its digital iteration is the photography. It arguably employs the best photographers in the business and you will be surprised how sharp and illuminating it looks on a tablet. It’s a complex layout that translates surprisingly well to digital formats of all types.

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Fast Company

It’s a business magazine that covers lifestyles. And a lifestyle magazine that covers business. Check the newest issue of Fast Company and get the scoop on trends in Hollywood and you’ll see what I mean. For me, the best judgment of any business magazine is in the archives. Were they right in their predictions? Did they pick the winning companies. Fast Company’s digital publishing archive pulls no punches. And by the way, their Fast 50 has been pretty spot on over the years.

The Atlantic

The oldest magazine. Period. New to Zinio within the past year, I have written previously about the innovations The Atlantic has engineered in terms of mobile and PC-based design, which are both outstanding. For me, The Atlantic is all about discovery. I can read about toddler behavior in the tech era, robots, foreign policy or the gun control debate… I’m always surprised. Like Fast Company, the archives are incredibly valuable. It’s just that at The Atlantic, the archives go back 125 years. It is American history gone digital.


Great new magazine, and it is what it says it is: If you’re a Star Trek, anime aficionado, gamer, gadgethead or know someone who is, Geek is the geekiest. It is built for digital publishing because of the subject matter. It is also a great addition to Zinio because it captures so many subject areas (film, music, games, TV, other magazines) and because it reaches a great niche.


Soccer with attitude. Howler is a new magazine about soccer covering the global game from the perspective of North American fans. It’s a big, glossy publication that will come out four times a year with distinctive, original writing, as well as some of the most striking art and design you’ll find anywhere.

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And those are just a few of the over 5,500 titles we carry. My favorite magazine to read on Zinio used to be US Weekly, then it switched to Star Trek Magazine (I know!), then New Scientist, but these days I find myself obsessed with Harvard Business Review. How about you?

Like me, I am sure your favorite will change frequently, but add a comment and let us know: What is the best magazine you’ve added to your digital magazine experience so far this year? As we’ve done, give us the old ones that have found new life. Or better yet, give us the ones that you have discovered and added as a brand new title.

To participate, share your comments in this article. We also invite you to share your favorites with the Android Apps Facebook and Twitter communities.

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Jeanniey Mullen

Jeanniey Mullen is Global Growth Officer for Zinio, the world’s most popular digital newsstand and publishing media marketplace. Mullen is known for her entrepreneurial style and her ability to build, shape and grow brands into well known dominant and successful entities. An early player in the digital space, Mullen is renowned as a pioneer in email, digital marketing, digital publishing and brand building. Her knack at being first in new markets gives her an edge. Today, she brings this extensive experience to bear at Zinio, defining and implementing strategies to create explosive growth through strategic partnerships with publishers, technology companies, brands and consumers. These initiatives have commanded monumental growth in her five year tenure.

Jeanniey has authored and contributed to multiple books, blogs and magazine articles. She is a regular columnist for ClickZ, a blogger for Huffington Post and a frequent keynote speaker. A serial networker, in 2005 Jeanniey founded the Email Experience Council, which was sold to the Direct Marketing Association in 2008. She currently sits on the International Executive Council of the Internet Marketing Association.

Jeanniey is recognized as both a Top CMO and Top Author on Twitter, and was most recently featured as Mover and Shaker by the Professional Women’s Magazine, and a featured Woman in Technology by The Legacy Series Magazine.

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