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Zenonia 4 tops Android Games of the Week

Feb 12, 2012

This week saw the release of another addition to the mega popular Korean RPG Zenonia with Zenonia 4. Gamevil has decided to go with a freemium model for this latest sequel and it works quite well for them. Also this week, guide Mick and Ralph through lots of perilous terrain in the creative new auto-run platformer, Tongue Tied!, and look for Zombie Wonderland 2 which was ported to the Android Market with a new free to play price model. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Magic Portals is a new side scrolling puzzle platformer from Asantee. There is no jumping in this platformer though. Instead, you must create various portals to get around and to solve puzzles. You can teleport just about anything in the environment, from large boxes to massive boulders, and even enemies themselves. Using these mechanics in conjunction with the in-game physics, you have to find your way through this unique fantasy setting with great lighting effects. Over 60 levels are currently available with more promised in future updates.

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