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Zenonia 2 tops Fresh Android Games of the Week

Dec 30, 2010

Despite the holiday slowdown, there were still plenty of cool Android games to keep us busy this week. Check out the sequel to the popular RPG game Zenonia, Zynga’s Facebook poker for Android devices, a huge action/RPG title, a fun jumping game, and another entry for the match-three genre.

Although Jade Monkey appears to be yet another jewel-swapping game in the Android Market, its production values and adventure element should make it a cut above the rest. Swap jewels vertically and horizontally to form multiple matches and create bonuses. Unlock cool magic jewels, special powers, and attempt to unravel the mystery of the colorful rain forest to hunt down the temple treasure within.

At $4.99, Jade Monkey is a little pricey, especially as it seems to be a port of a popular Flash game, but if you’re crazy for the match-three genre and want a good one on-the-go, it’s worth a look.

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