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Zedge will give your Android phone a cool make over

Apr 1, 2012

Attention all chronic themers and phone hackers! You know who you are. You venture the deepest recess of the Internet to find that single wallpaper that will make your lockscreen look spiffy. You change wallpapers more than you change your outfit, and your phone rings to your favorite song. Well, you can quell your chronic behavior with the help of Backed with user-uploaded media, Zedge contains a staggering 7.3 million pieces of content. With such a large database one can easily become overwhelmed. Fortunately, Zedge lets you search using keywords and the results are populated into three easy categories: wallpaper, ringtone and notification sounds. Feeling adventurous? Zedge allows for browsing through a number of categories from nature to sports to games. Those stuck with older versions of Android may appreciate the way they can make their phone look new and fresh.

The only feature that would complete the app are icons. This may be asking for too much, but without custom icons your background may clash with your current icon set. The fault doesn’t lie with the developer however, as custom icons can be difficult to apply and may require third-party apps or a launcher for the changes to take affect. Still, the options to download them would be a plus.

Overall, Zedge is a great way to spice-up your phone and keep it from feeling outdated. In a time where technology today becomes old tomorrow Zedge can give your device a new coat paint to keep it feeling outdated.

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