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You’ve got a golden ticket to Android game Candy Farm

Jan 20, 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has ruined two generations of Americans. I say ruined, because, let’s face it, none of us are ever going to get our grubby hands on a golden ticket, which would let us tour a creepy British candy manufacturer and drink from a chocolate river.

Thankfully, Download our new Android app!

Easy, right? In the early levels, sure. But the game quickly falls of the cliffs of insanity within a few levels, offering up nearly unsolvable puzzles that anyone crashing down from a sugar high will find… rough. The real trick comes in drawing corners. You’ll need to drag your finger in one side and out another, forming a turn.

Once you get stuck (and you will) you can use the built-in “call for help” function, which lets you share the problem with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, it’s not cheating!

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