WorldMate Android app a great travel buddy

Sep 22, 2010
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Travel has gone almost paperless. People book travel through sites like Expedia, leave their itineraries in the cloud or file them in email, check-in through airline web sites, and receive confirmations online. Thus, there’s no paper to look at when you’re running to the airport and wondering if you have the flight time right. That’s why I’m excited about the WorldMate app.

WorldMate pulls together essential travel details, and organizes it on your phone. The app lets you register for the WorldMate service free, right from the phone, using an email address. If you already have a travel itinerary, simply forward it to and the service will process it and display the details in the WorldMate app on your phone. No itinerary? No problem. You can manually enter trip details through the WorldMate web site.

From there, WorldMate becomes your travel buddy. Check your flight status in seconds, or call your hotel with just a couple of taps. You can bring up maps of your destination and hotel with the integrated Google Maps. If you don’t yet have a hotel, the app allows you to search, using You’ll also find complete weather forecasts for your current location and your destination, so you know what to pack.

Overall, WorldMate feels like a useful app. I haven’t yet used WorldMate for travel, but I’ll be bringing it along on my next business trip. That way, if I’m late for my flight, I can blame my phone.

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