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World of Goo tops Android Games of the Week

Dec 4, 2011

World of Goo took the Android Market by storm this week, launching after weeks of anticipation. The hit indie game from 2D Boy delivers the land of Goo Balls, industrious creatures ready to explore. Extreme Road Trip was another runaway success, offering car stunts on the open road. Zen Pinball for Tegra devices is a realistic game with noteworthy graphics, reminding us of why high-end devices and games go so well together.

Plumber (Free)

Plumber offers a brain teaser with a series of puzzles where you must arrange a room full of pipes to form a continuous path for the tap. Fix the pipe, connect the pieces and turn the water on. You rotate each pipe by tapping on it, connecting adjacent pipes that twist and turn in a confusing array of metal. Will the water flow to the other side of the room, get stuck in a loop, or find a leak? It’s a tricky task you’ll have to resolve with just over two dozen rounds to test your plumbing skills.

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