Word to your mother: Apps for the verbose Android

Feb 19, 2011
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I like big words. When I was a kid we called them fifty-cent words. Now I hear them called five-dollar words. Inflation, I suppose. Better distract myself with a game…

Wordfeud FREE

The Android derivation of the popular iPhone “Words With Friends” app… play on your own or make a friend!


Words With Friends Classic

Oh, speaking of that! Android users DO have the real thing now. Makes it an easy switch for you iPhone people, doesn’t it?


Word Collapse

This reminds me of the word games I play on the video machine thing at the end of the bar when I’m having a beer by myself. It makes me look busy and smart.


WordCrack – A Word Mixer Game

I dare anyone to tell me they don’t like a game called WordCrack. DARE YOU.


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