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Whale Trail tops Android Games of the Week

Jan 22, 2012

This week saw the Android release of the ridiculous and imaginative Whale Trail from developer ustwo. Acclaimed indie puzzler Osmos HD also finally made its way to Android devices, and was immediately catapulted into the Android Market top ten. The popular Gamestop-owned Flash game site Kongregate published its very first mobile game with the simple and fun / ESCAPE\, and plenty of other shenanigans ensued. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Fruit Devil is a colorful new endless runner from FeelingTouch games. It asks you to simply help the cute little fruit devil keep up with his insatiable appetite by constantly eating as much fruit as possible. Tapping the screen to jump over the various enemies and hazards costs energy, and as your energy bar drains you’ll slow to a crawl and eventually collapse, which means game over. The only way to keep that energy up is, of course, to eat more fruit! The game makes use of every color under the sun to create this beautiful, vibrant world that honestly makes me feel like I’m living in a box of Trix cereal. It’s simple, fun and a feast for the eyes.

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