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Waiting for the mobile core gaming revolution

Sep 24, 2012

EA, which is primarily a core gaming company, is investing in mobile games because they’re hedging their bets. If mobile gaming does take over, they want to make sure they have a piece of it. The reason we don’t have more games that push the phone tech to the edge is because other core games companies aren’t going there, and that’s likely because they don’t want to sell content so cheaply. But that’s leaving mobile gaming in a hole.

Until a much larger portion of the mobile gaming market consists of console-quality, AAA-level games, we won’t see a rush of core gamers to this platform as consumers or as small time developers. If only more developers would see the low price points of mobile games as an advantage: on average, a core gamer buys one big game a year, but they could buy many games at a lower price.

What it comes down to, though, is that most of the companies that would be able to put real money into mobile development simply don’t want to do it. They’ll probably come around. How long it takes for that to happen is anyone’s guess, though.

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