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Sep 10, 2010
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The USA Today newspaper and web site pack in the fun. Both feature color photos, big graphics and reporting on timely topics in news, weather, sports and the like. Now, the USA Today Android app successfully delivers this content to the phone.

The app displays a set of tabs across the top – Headlines of the latest news, Scores for sports, Weather, Pictures of the Day in several categories and Snapshots for reader polls, and your own chance to vote. It’s fast and easy to navigate. If you feel social, share the articles via text, email, Facebook or Twitter with a couple of taps.

Die-hard fans of USA Today will notice that its addictive games – Sudoku and various crossword puzzles – are missing in the app. So are the blogs and opinion columns. Still, the app and its contents feel familiar to those who read the newspaper or the web site. Perhaps for bandwidth reasons, the app designers avoid video content.

In the end, it comes down to personal taste. If you like and read USA Today, you’ll like the app. If you prefer other sources of news, the USA Today app won’t change your mind. To me, the light but informative style of the app is great to kill time spent waiting in line. It’s nice to have it ready when needed on my Android phone.

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Ian Black


Ian Black is beginning to think his phone is smarter than he is. He's keeping a close eye on it in case it tries anything funny.


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