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Urban Dictionary Android app brings the trouble

Sep 10, 2010

Be careful with the Urban Dictionary. It could get you in trouble. Basically, Urban Dictionary provides a searchable reference of all the current slang words or phrases in existence. Make no mistake: It’s hilarious, but most of the content is rated R, and it’s all industrial-strength politically incorrect.

Even the most “in the know” will find surprises. Take “Bushnesiac” for example. Definition: “A Republican who is very quick to blame all of the United States’ social, health care, international standing and military problems on President Barack Obama, conveniently forgetting the past eight years of failed policies that brought us to this point.” Or “Right of Wave: The expectation that a fellow driver will offer a wave after allowing them to cut into traffic.” I had to search hard for examples that would make it past my editor.

The app offers a simple interface. Search on a word or phrase that you’ve heard, but don’t understand. Or, for the most fun, press the Random or Daily, as in “word of the day,” buttons. Shaking your phone also activates the Random feature. Feel like sharing? Long press on a definition to send it to others via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. But, please remember the warning at the top of this review. Others might not have your or Urban Dictionary’s sense of humor.

I tested the app with some phrases I overheard my tween use. I punished him after I found the definitions. For this purpose alone, I say Urban Dictionary is download-worthy.

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