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Turn up the Honky Tonk soundtrack with Reckless Racing Android game

Nov 3, 2010

Commuting is a slow death. The traffic stops and goes. It takes far too long to go a very short distance. Wouldn’t it be great to head off-road, hit the gas, and watch the dirt fly? That’s where Reckless Racing for Android will take you.

Think Dukes of Hazzard. Reckless Racing lets you choose among stereotypical Southern off-roader characters, each drives a truck or roadster of the kind seen in the show and movie. Pick from three race options. Dirt Rally, where you race against others. Hot Lap, where it’s just you racing for your best time. And, Delivery, where you pick up a trailer of stuff, and haul like your life depends on getting it to its destination.

It’s crazy fun. And, rendered with some of the best graphics I’ve seen in an Android game. The details will astound you. You slide around almost every curve, and when you do, you’ll see the dirt and gravel spray, you’ll bump the haystacks into the woods, and careen through fences and signs. Not in control of your vehicle? You’ll slide right off a steep embankment or fall off a bridge into the rushing water below.

The game offers many options. You can steer by accelerometer or on-screen controls, check full-time full-throttle or control the gas pedal yourself, choose among several racetracks and vehicles, even go from playing against your phone to racing others with the game out on the web.

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