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Toyshop Adventures for Android a challenging platform game

Dec 16, 2010

It’s like Donkey Kong, except you’re a little doll, not a monkey. Apparently, the owner of a toy store has lost all his marbles. Literally, a big jar-full, scattered among the many shelves of the store. In Toyshop Adventures you’re enlisted to help collect them. It’s a grand adventure, and it will take some clever thinking and nimble fingers to win the day.

You must move along the shelves to gather the marbles. Obstacles include blocks, boxes of toys and other toy-shelf stuff. You walk, jump, and climb your way through, gathering marbles as you go. A helpful grappling hook allows you to snag boxes and blocks, drag them into position, and use them as stepping stones for jumping to high places. The game requires strategy as you figure how to use the objects around you to help you over difficult challenges. Other dolls you meet provide hints and how-to advice. Challenges become more complicated as you go.

The graphics are excellent. The store shelves appear to have three dimensions. You see details on, and inside, the toy boxes. You even see striking views out the windows of the store. The details come, no doubt, from the multi-megabyte download you must complete after you’ve installed and launched the game itself. The game advises using a Wi-Fi connection for this secondary download.

The game is free in the Android market, but uses in-app purchases to unlock higher levels. Try the free game for the levels it provides to see if you like it.

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