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Towers N’ Trolls grants you simplified tower defense action

Jun 12, 2012

The tower defense genre is weird in that it has spawned countless games even though most of them are pretty similar, and they don’t have things like a story to set them apart. Towers N’ Trolls is just one of the boys, in that respect. Nothing about it is particularly interesting or compelling, but if you just need a tower defense game that doesn’t make you think too hard and you don’t want to pay any money for it, this might be the one for you.

The best and most notable tower defense games try to make the proceedings thoughtful, difficult and deep. The tower defense games we remember require actual strategy. Towers N’ Trolls is not one of those games. Like every other one of these titles, an army is marching toward your home, and you must stop them by setting up turrets that shoot them. You have to set up enough turrets to shoot everyone, and that’s about as deep as the gameplay in Towers N’ Trolls goes. You don’t have to be too smart about turret placement, since the game shows you exactly where the enemies are going to walk, and you mostly only need one type of turret.

Because it’s so easy, Towers N’ Trolls feels like the kind of game you’re grinding through in order to improve your turret stats or something. But there are no RPG elements. You just keep playing because it’s there. And it’s not like playing this game is annoying; it’s fine in short bursts. But because it’s so simple, you aren’t going to remember it once you finish, if you actually feel compelled to do so. You’ll put it away and never think about it again.

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