Top Twitter apps for Android

Sep 10, 2010
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Whether you’re following Justin Bieber or your favorite news pundits, Twitter can keep you in the know. Its popularity has led to countless updates from Twitter, and the rise of an entire subset of third-party apps to help you manage your account. Seeing as Twitter is such a mobile tool, there’s no shortage of Twitter apps in the Android market. Here are some of the best.

Just for Twitter

Tweetcaster also has a good amount of account-management tools, with support for multiple accounts, the ability to create and edit your profile and lists and options to block and report other users. A favorite feature of Tweetcaster is the option to skin the app with a theme. For $4.99 you can experience Tweetcaster sans advertising.

All-out media sharing

AnyPost works with your account to send Twitter updates far and wide. If you’d like to update Facebook, Brightkite and several other social accounts at the same time you update Twitter, this free app is one of the easiest ways to centralize those efforts. You can even update your location while you’re at it.

TweetPhoto Pro is a photo-sharing app for Twitter. It’s social tweeting around your media, so you can see photos uploaded by friends, comment on shared pics, mark your favorites, and vote them up or down. Free, TweetPhoto Pro shows images on a map, and has filtered feeds for popular and public photos and the ability to follow Twitter users.

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